UNL | Patrice Berger (berger)

Patrice Berger

Patrice Berger
Professor of History
Director, University Honors Program

Europe: 2007
Who could have foreseen in 1950 that the modest proposal of the French Foreign Minister to pool European coal and steel production under a common authority would be the first step in the creation of the European Union? With a population larger than that of the United States and an economy that rivals America’s, the European Union now plays a leading role in world affairs. There is the potential for cooperation and competition between the European Union and the United States. In this presentation, Berger will discuss the development of this new power in the world, its goals, its assets, its structure, and its future role in our global community.

Europe: 1939
Yes, Hitler’s aggression in September, 1939, sparked the outbreak of World War II, a conflict that was the most devastating the world had ever known. What might have been done to prevent this development? Were not Germany’s neighbors interested in preserving the peace? Why did France and Great Britain allow a situation they might have controlled get out of hand? Why did political leaders in these democracies not respond in a timely fashion to Hitler’s challenges between 1933 and 1939? Berger’s presentation will center on the discussion of answers to these questions.

University of Nebraska–Lincoln in the 21st Century
It was no accident that the Association of American Colleges and Universities recently recognized UNL for the quality and innovativeness of its undergraduate programs. UNL is one of only six major research universities to achieve this recognition. The university community has renewed its efforts in recent years to develop academic and co-curricular opportunities to meet the needs of our diverse student body. This is an exciting story to document and one that all friends and supporters of the university will enjoy hearing in Berger’s presentation.